The Website Journey: Part 1

Designing and Building Your Website

Making a website is the first step that people and companies take to join the online community. Creating an online presence is a difficult step and many people equate it to writing a book. It isn’t really like that but it is a big step.

When you put yourself or your company “out there” you need to make a good impression. So many people become focused on the idea that once the website is built there is no way to change or improve it. In the same way that once final manuscript is sent to the printer to be typeset and printed there is no more that can be done and hence “the book”. It’s important to remember that websites are digital and should be considered fluid in design and content. It’s a constantly changing entity just like the underlying layers of technology that it is built on. Once you have a website you may decide that you want to add content. That content may be videos about using your product, an online store or lists of affiliate links to products on Amazon. Where you go from here is pretty much wherever your imagination can take you. Of course, there will always limitations like time, budget and technology so you will need to make choices.

Some people assume that once their website is built they are done. Of course, immediately after launch the online community will visit their new site and they will be overwhelmed with new leads and sales will skyrocket. This may have been the case in 1995 when there was a total of 23,5001 websites in the world. In 2018, according to Internet Live Stats the number of websites were estimated to exceed 1.6 billion2 unique websites. Today number could be much greater. So the old saying from Field of Dreams ,”build It and they will come”, is not that simple today. Don’t despair, the number of internet users has also grown from 16 million3 in December 1995 to an estimated 5.1 billion4 in March 2021 according to Internet World Stats. Having a beautiful website is a triumph and nothing to balk at. It is also a big step in the right direction to developing new leads or sales for your side gig or your company. The question is, what does one have to do to get traffic and develop leads and sales?

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